What is Grand St. BK?

Grand St. BK is a volunteer based community organized website for local residents and businesses of Grand Street between Havemeyer and Marcy and the surrounding blocks.

Our mission is to provide a safe and welcoming space for New Yorkers to gather and enjoy NYC Open Streets on Grand Street this summer.

The flower represents the Callery Pear Tree flower that blooms every spring. The flower is an iconic symbol of our corner of Williamsburg as Callery Pear Trees line Havemeyer street from Grand to Metropolitan. The tree symbolizes sustenance, generosity, and longevity. It is tolerant of change and can withstand pollution. It provides shade and attracts beautiful song birds.

What is NYC Open Streets?

NYC’s Open Streets program allows communities to embrace new public space and support small businesses. Open Streets prioritize pedestrians and cyclists by transforming streets into public space. Open Streets are coordinated in partnership with local community organizations.

What type of Open Street Permit does Grand Street have?

The permit granted to our section of Grand Street is a Temporary Full Closure permit.

When will the street be closed for Open Streets on Grand?

Location: Grand St. between Marcy Ave & Havemeyer St.
Dates: Memorial Day Weekend FRI 5/28 - Labor Day Weekend SUN 9/5

  • Fridays 5pm-11pm
  • Saturdays 12pm-11pm
  • Sundays 12pm-6pm

As a community member, what else do I need to know and how can I plan ahead?

Cars & Parking: There will be no thru traffic on Grand Street between Havemeyer and Marcy when Open Streets is in effect.

The Marcy half of the block will be barricaded. There will be an entrance open on Havemeyer for parking local pick up / drop off.

Cars may enter and exit at Havemeyer St. If your car is parked behind a barricade and you need to leave, please let a Street Team Volunteer assist you. For safety reasons, please DO NOT move the barricades without assistance.

Events & Activities: Local businesses will be hosting live music performances & DJs, board game tables, corn hole tournaments, and more! Check out the events calendar for more details.

Safety Rules & Guidelines:

All NYC Covid rules and regulations apply - if you are not vaccinated we kindly ask that you wear a face mask and socially distance yourself from others.

Everyone is welcome and we are all here to have fun! Please inform a Street Team volunteer or email [email protected] if a situation arises. If it is an emergency please call 911.

How can I help?

Street Team volunteers will be helping out by picking up trash, maintaining placement of street barriers, welcoming new folks to the block, and assisting businesses and residents in setting up tables and other activities. Join the Street Team today!

Friends & Neighbors: Join the discord today! Stay in touch with one another, make plans to meet up, share photos, and stay informed on events, activities and weather updates!

Local Businesses: Any business in Williamsburg within walking distance from Grand St between Havemeyer and Marcy can get added to the list of participating businesses. Join the Grand St. BK community!

Questions / Concerns?

Email us!